A Little About me and My Web site

My web site features methods for gleaning information from algebraic equations without – since you rarely can – solving them. The monodromy method kicked off with my first papers solving Schur’s 60 year old cryptography related conjecture and Davenport’s Problem. I’ve documented the special mix of talents at the University of Michigan during my graduate school tenure in a recently published article. The pdf version is what UM actually published. This includes a picture Paul Halmos took of me standing under the main diagram for the Schur Conjecture. A version of that diagram appeared in the Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connely movie, “A Beautiful Mind.” A New Yorker cartoonist, back in the early 70s, did a daffy – but it wasn’t until years later I realized where it came from – portrayal of it. The article notes that likely no reader of the article is more famous than a student who graduated with me: the Unabomber.


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